Microsoft Windows Benefits

Microsoft Windows’ fast and hardworking features offer new ways to interact with your computer, allowing you and your business to be more efficient and effective. While there are pros and cons to any IT platform, Windows easily integrates with other Microsoft products like Azure and Office. Learn more about the benefits of Windows and how Blade can help with setup and integration.


Data Security

Windows comes with built-in antivirus protection to protect against software threats across the internet. Windows Hello eliminates passwords with facial recognition and fingerprint technology, offering a more secure login.

Blade provides constant monitoring to ensure there are no data threats in your Windows environment and provides opportunities to improve security and use more Windows features.


Windows offers several features such as color contrast, color filters, and touch screen capabilities. You can also customize your mouse cursor and text sizes, use voice recognition, and more. These capabilities ensure that all employees can use Windows in a way that works best for them. Blade works with you to set up the most accessible platform for each user.

Increased Performance & Efficiency

Windows offers several productivity tools so your employees can collaborate whether they are in the office or working remote. From digital pens, OneDrive cloud storage, document sharing, and calendar organization, your employees can be more streamlined and productive. Our Windows support team offers training on how to best use these tools.


Implementing Microsoft Windows with Blade

As a Windows partner in St. Louis, Blade provides the support needed to fully maximize the benefits of Windows. From integrating collaboration tools, increasing accessibility, and using data protection features, we've got you covered. We help you create a more productive, protected, and efficient workplace.

Whether your company needs to upgrade from a previous version of windows, or you need full support, contact Blade to get started.


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