Get Support for Your Windows Powered Office

Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system for personal computing devices. With a balance of standardization and customization, Windows is the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Blade Technologies is proud to be a Microsoft Partner. That means we can access many tools and resources that are unavailable to non-partners. This lets our IT team provide a higher level of service to each of our clients using the Microsoft platform.

In addition to providing your business with Microsoft Partner-level support, we can also conduct employee training sessions, perform system updates, and deploy enhanced security measures.

Blade’s IT professionals understand the Windows operating system inside and out. We’ll handle your Windows platform so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.


Benefits of Microsoft Windows for Business

Microsoft Windows 10/11 is the operating system for over 1.4 billion devices worldwide, making it the most used platform in the world. Microsoft Windows offers fast and hardworking features that give users new ways to interact with their computers. This can help your business operate more efficiently.

Windows can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products, such as Azure and Office.


Data Security

The Windows platform comes with built-in antivirus protection to protect your device from cyberattacks. However, new threats are always emerging and continue to pose a threat to business security. This is why we provide constant monitoring, ensuring no data threats present.

Our team can also highlight opportunities for improvement and recommend Windows features for boosting your IT security.


Windows offers several features to increase the accessibility of the platform, such as color contrast, color filters, and touchscreen navigation. These capabilities ensure that all employees can use Windows in a way that works best for them.

Blade’s team of Microsoft experts will work to create an accessible platform suited to each user’s needs.



Increased Performance & Efficiency

Windows offers several productivity tools so your employees can collaborate whether they are in the office or working remote. Our Windows support team offers training on how to best use these tools according to your business goals.



Microsoft Windows Support Services

The Microsoft Windows platform is a powerful tool that can be difficult to manage effectively. If not properly implemented, your Windows solution can hold your business back with slow performance or other technical problems.

Blade Technologies, Inc. is a premier IT support vendor for the Microsoft Windows operating system. We’ll work with you to improve your system’s performance and solve technical issues holding your business back.


Windows Software Training

Ensure you and your employees are using Windows effectively with Blade’s software training services. Our team will guide you through best practices and provide you with training on how to use Microsoft applications. This helps your business get the most out of its technology.

Workstation Setup & Hardware Selection

Blade Technologies are experts in managing Windows setup and implementation. This makes installing new devices a faster and easier process.

Our platform services can also include recommending Windows hardware and software for your business.


Technology Integration

Integrating your technology solutions can help save valuable time and improve each employee’s workflow. Blade’s expert IT professionals will work with you to discover which Microsoft Windows integrations would work best for your business. We’ll then figure out the best way to execute the implementation of your new Microsoft integration.

Ongoing Tech Support

Get experienced technical support with Blade Technologies, Inc. We offer support for a wide range of services, including device troubleshooting, upgrades, and security monitoring.



Benefits of Working with A Microsoft Partner

Many businesses around the world rely on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft products to do their jobs. Because of this, it would be very difficult to function without these tools.

Blade Technologies, Inc. is proud to be a Microsoft Partner and provides Windows support to businesses of all sizes.


Get Quality Support from Certified IT Specialists

Each of Blade’s Windows IT support specialists are trained and certified to provide Microsoft 365 services. This allows our team to provide the highest level of Microsoft support to your business.

Create a Strategic Plan that Aligns with Your Business’s Goals

Blade understands that you need an IT infrastructure that can grow with your needs as a business. That’s why we provide ongoing strategy and support for your Windows platform.

As a Microsoft Partner, Blade can see which Microsoft tools are being used most by your business. We utilize this data to discover new ways to make your workflows more efficient and identify areas of improvement.


Keep Your Business’s Windows Solutions Up to Date with Blade

In addition to certified support and access to partner-only tools, our Microsoft Partnership also allows us to stay informed on the newest updates for the Windows Platform.

As a Microsoft Partner, we are one of the first to receive the latest news regarding platform updates and security risks.




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