What Does Data Security Mean?

Data security is the protection of your digital assets throughout their lifecycle. When implemented correctly, your business will be protected against unauthorized access from outside threats. Insider threats and human error can also affect your data security.

Robust data security includes tools like encryption, data masking and file redaction. Companies with regulatory compliance standards also need streamlined reporting to react to audits that may occur.

Data governance is key in today's business environment. Businesses possess more digital data than ever before. Your business can't afford to lose trade secrets or intellectual property. Protect your bottom line with a cybersecurity services vendor who understands your industry.


We’re St. Louis Data Security Consulting Experts

Since 2004, Blade has been providing cybersecurity solutions to businesses throughout the St. Louis area. Improve your security posture and feel better about your data with our support.

Through our initial consulting process, we will evaluate all security risks and threats your business may be exposed to. Once we understand your unique needs, we will develop a customized data security plan for you.

We employ a variety of data security strategies to help your business. Some areas of expertise include:

  • Physical server and user device security
  • Access management
  • Backups of critical data
  • Employee training
  • Network and endpoint monitoring
  • Application patching and security
  • Compliance reporting
  • File Monitoring
  • Data discovery and classification

We provide an action plan for your business with no stone left unturned.


Data Security Services


External Threat Mitigation

Malware, phishing, and DDoS attacks are all common external threats. Blade can recommend strategies to help minimize these actions. Attacking your data is easier when your network or server is down. We can recommend strategies to increase uptime, providing a rock-solid foundation.

With ongoing managed services, we can watch your network and patch software to provide further protection.

Backup Assessments

Backups, data retention, and archiving provide a more secure network. Our incident response team will help you regain confidence in your data storage systems.

Our cybersecurity professionals will search for any signs of corruption in your business’s data. If corruption is detected, we will work to address the issue before it grows into a larger threat.


Access & Permission Management

Blade’s data security consulting services also include evaluating user access and permissions. This helps us understand exactly who is on your network and the capabilities they have.

Our team will work with you to develop authorization controls for each user type. This prevents unwanted users from accessing critical business data. Proper access restrictions add an extra layer of security to your valuable information.



Support Through the Entire Project Lifecycle

Securing your data never ends. Blade provides end-to-end solutions to keep your business protected.


Program Design

Protect your business from insider threats and data theft with a well-developed data protection plan. We’ll work with you to develop a solution suited to your business. Our recommendations will serve as the foundation for your data security strategy.

Policy Evaluation

Blade consultants evaluate your current IT program and provide recommendations for policy improvement. All our recommendations will be in accordance with your industry’s data security standards.


Pre-Implementation Consulting

Blade will work with you to determine what your business needs from a data security solution.

We also assist with preparing your data and devices for the implementation. This helps us ensure a smooth implementation of your new data security program.

Post-Implementation Consulting

Service from Blade doesn’t end once your solution is implemented. Our consultants will continue to evaluate and provide recommendations for enhancing your business’s information security program.


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