What Is Cloud Migration?

The cloud migration process consists of moving applications, data, and other IT resources from a local system to a cloud environment. When businesses move to the cloud, remote access is extended to employees, improving IT capabilities. Other advantages include a reduced physical IT infrastructure and decreasing maintenance costs. The cloud also provides added security compared to storing data at on-site data centers.

At Blade, we believe your cloud journey can increase efficiency, collaboration, and protection, if implemented the correct way.


Benefits of Cloud Migration

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from cloud technology. Our cloud migration solutions help Consolidate servers, extend remote access to employees, and reduce IT footprints.

Cloud migrations reduce maintenance and operating costs. The cloud means your IT team can focus less on physical assets, and more on backups, disaster recovery, and other needs.


Strategic Cloud Migration Planning

At Blade, we want your IT infrastructure to work for your business. Our team makes moving your workloads to the cloud simple. We develop cloud migration strategies with minimal disruption to your everyday business.

We are an IT consulting company who believes in working with our customers, not just for them. Each cloud engagement has a discovery phase, where we identify your goals and address any pain points. We thoroughly assess and audit your current environment before making the switch to cloud infrastructure.

We'll analyze our findings and recommend specific solutions, catered to your business. After discovery and design, we work with you to plan, implement, and follow-up. By taking these extra steps, we can assure a successful cloud migration.


Partner with Blade for Cloud Migration Services in St. Louis

When you partner with Blade, you get a team of qualified cloud experts. Through careful planning, testing, and implementation, our cloud consulting services set you up for success. Migrating to the cloud can mitigate security risks, reduce monthly costs, and help you maintain operations. Contact the Blade team to get started on your cloud migration in St. Louis.

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