Benefits of Network Monitoring for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Blade’s network monitoring systems provide many benefits for business. For small to medium network infrastructures, we help reduce outages and keep your systems running. Improve network controls, abilities, and security all with our services.


Reducing Costs with Network Monitoring Plans

Network monitoring provides cost-saving opportunities for businesses by maintaining operations and reducing outages.

Remote network monitoring services also end the need for in-house IT personnel to troubleshoot network issues. This cost-saving measure helps businesses and employees focus more on strategy and growth.

Preventing Network Security Risks

Network monitoring from Blade provides preventative network cybersecurity measures. Our team detects potential risks and weaknesses to your business’ network. Through network access management, we prevent users from accessing harmful sites. We can also set up authentication factors for users to access certain information.


Improving Network Performance

A network monitoring plan helps your business recognize network problems. Recognizing these problems before they become a disruption is a great advantage. Active infrastructure monitoring features allow Blade to identify if metrics are higher than normal and find an effective solution.




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