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Blade supports your business with IT projects, server monitoring, patch management, and more.

Our skilled team assists you with dedicated support designed for your business. Learn more about our ServicePlus Complete services below.

ServicePlus Complete Support Includes:
On-Site & Remote Break/Fix Support

Break/fix support services provided by Blade lower maintenance costs for your business. These outsourced IT services are only performed as needed. Blade specialists are available M-F, 7am-6pm CST.

Incident Tracking & Ticketing

This plan also includes incident tracking and ticketing. Our remote support teams track and record unplanned interruptions or quality reduction in IT services. We help restore operations and get your team back to work.

Monitoring & Maintenance Services

Blade monitors your servers, workstations, and network devices, providing peace-of-mind for your business. We also support your business by backing up and managing your data, helping prevent operation disruptions.

Patch Management Support

When it's time for system updates, you can rely on Blade to keep your system up to date. Your users don't have to worry about their system from their end. We distribute and apply updates to software and operation systems to fix vulnerabilities.

IT Asset Management

As part of our all-inclusive IT services, Blade serves as an extension of your team. With IT asset management, we help you make strategic decisions for your business about hardware and software assets.

Third Party Vendor Management Services

At Blade, we hold a variety of partner credentials. With this, we offer third party management services to help you monitor interactions. We manage your relationships with external parties to determine cybersecurity risks.

IT Projects

Blade offers several IT projects options for infrastructure and development. All projects include discovery, design, planning, implementation, and follow-up solutions.

Remote Access for Users

Blade assists you in setting up remote access for authorized users through network connections and a secure web portal. This allows for remote use regardless of geographic location, creating a more productive workforce.

Adding & Removing User Accounts

Blade’s IT support specialists add and remove user accounts for various platforms for a more efficient onboarding process and a higher level of user security.

Warranty Management

As part of ServicePlus Complete, Blade keeps track of and manages all warranty end dates and renewals. The on-time renewal of important warranties prevents downtime and ensures your systems will still operate as they should.

Entry Level Antivirus

Blade’s ServicePlus Advanced plan includes basic entry level antivirus protection. We use IE programs to prevent, detect, and delete viruses from your systems and programs.

Cloud Protection

Cloud protection included in ServicePlus Advanced protects all cloud email and other files. Antispam, antimalware, email archiving, protection, and backups are all included.

Cloud Based Backup for Servers

Blade’s cloud-based backup solution includes local server backups and backups offsite to a cloud environment. This extra cloud backup ensures data is protected in the event of disaster recovery.

New Workstation Deployments

Blade assists with the setup and deployment of new desktops and laptops in your working environment. Whether workstations are in a physical office, or for remote workers from home, we can help.

Annual Internal IT Audit

Blade conducts annual internal IT audits, to ensure your systems are still running as they should. We determine any weaknesses and where there is room for improvement with your systems.

Cyber Incident Assessments & Response

Blade’s IT experts perform readiness assessments on your network against our known best practices. Then, if a cyber incident occurs, we perform tasks to line up resources to resolve the issues. Initial cyber incident response is billable

Quarterly Business Review

Quarterly business reviews from Blade ensure that your IT support is aligning with your business goals and objectives. Adjustments can be made to your managed IT services as needed after these quarterly reviews.

3 Year IT Budget

One of the biggest advantages of Blade’s ServicePlus Complete plan is the three-year IT budget, set at the start of the services. This set budget allows you to plan for years in advance, thanks to its flat rate.

IT Strategy & Direction

ServicePlus Complete includes a designated account technician and general consulting services, who provide overall IT strategy and direction. Our strategy helps determine which services would be most beneficial to your business and your goals.

Technology Recycling

If you have old technology-related devices, Blade properly disposes and recycles them for you. ServicePlus Complete includes the recycling of workstations, laptops, and servers, and more.

General Consulting

Blade’s services include general consulting from our IT experts. This role provides expert IT strategy consultation, as you need it. Services include budget planning, documentation maintenance, and policy and procedural adherence review.

Designated Account Technician

ServicePlus Complete from Blade includes a designated account technician to work specifically with your company. This contact helps troubleshoot any issues you’re having and provides insight and recommendations on improvements to your IT systems.

Benefits of All-Inclusive IT Tech Support

Blade's ServicePlus Complete plan is our all-inclusive tech support plan. It provides solutions and projects bundled into a single monthly bill, allowing flexibility for you. There is no limit to the number of projects you can undertake, giving you added peace of mind when it comes to your budgeting.

An extensive selection of tech support services are available for you and the specific needs of your business. With a single monthly bill for IT expenses, your costs flatten. This allows you to understand your budget and know exactly what you'll be spending.

The greatest benefit of this plan is there is no limitation on monthly projects. New servers, cloud migration, remote work setup, you name it. With ServicePlus Complete we help carry out the best projects for your business.

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