Blade’s Remote Tech Support Services

Blade’s ServicePlus Basic plan offers a variety of services to help provide remote support to end users when your business doesn’t require complex IT work. With ServicePlus Basic, we’re always here to assist your team and provide remote support when problems arise. With this solution, you retain control of your IT department while we help bridge the support gap.


ServicePlus Basic Support Includes:
Account Manager

Your account manager will guide you to the proper resources needed for support and projects.

Remote Break/Fix Support (M-F, 7am-6pm)

Break/fix support services provided by Blade lower maintenance costs for your business. These outsourced IT services are only performed as needed. Blade specialists are available M-F, 7am-6pm CST.

Monitoring of Servers, Workstations & Network Devices

Blade monitors your servers, workstations, and network devices, providing peace-of-mind for your business. We also support your business by backing up and managing your data, helping prevent operation disruptions.

Monitoring of Mac & iOS Devices

Blade’s ServicePlus Complete plan includes the monitoring and maintenance of Mac and iOS devices. Blade’s Mac and iOS device support allows you to use the solution that best fits your business.

Backup Monitoring & Management

Also included in our ServicePlus plans is the monitoring and management of backup operations. This monitoring helps reduce the risk of data loss by ensuring all backup systems are up to date, working correctly and efficiently.

Patch Management

When it’s time for system updates, you can rely on Blade to keep your system up to date. Your users don't have to worry about their system from their end. We distribute and apply updates to software and operation systems to fix vulnerabilities.

Incident Tracking & Ticketing

This plan also includes incident tracking and ticketing. Our remote support teams track and record unplanned interruptions or quality reduction in IT services. We help restore operations and get your team back to work.

Remote Access for Users

Blade assists you in setting up remote access for authorized users through network connections and a secure web portal. This allows for remote use regardless of geographic location, creating a more productive workforce.

Adding & Removing User Accounts

Blade’s IT support specialists add and remove user accounts for various platforms for a more efficient onboarding process and a higher level of user security.

Basic Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication is an essential component of data security. Blade provides secure access to documents and communication methods such as email with two factors of identification.

Next Generation Antivirus

Blade increases your security at each endpoint with antivirus protection capable of stopping known and unknown threats before they become a problem. Blade continually monitors to prevent risks before they happen.

Cloud Protection (AntiSpam, AntiMalware, Email Archive, Email & Cloud Backup)

Cloud protection included in ServicePlus Advanced protects all cloud email and other files. Antispam, antimalware, email archiving, protection, and backups are all included.

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