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Technology allows you to simplify and secure many different aspects of your business. Many businesses today rely on technology to interact with their consumers and employees.

Although technology can increase productivity, it can also become a setback. Without the proper cybersecurity measures in place, cyber attackers will view your devices as an easy target.

A cyberattack resulting in leaked information can cost thousands to remediate and affect each aspect of your business. This could potentially setback business operations for weeks or months.

Blade understands that keeping up with the latest security updates and best practices can be difficult, especially when other areas of your business need more attention.

Allow our IT experts at Blade to perform your business's routine network assessments. This will let you put full focus on what matters most: expanding your business.

Blade Technologies, Inc. provides expert IT services to St. Louis and the surrounding areas. We have over 15 years of experience in providing expert information technology and cybersecurity services to a wide range of industries.


What is a Network Assessment?

As businesses grow, their IT systems often grow more complex. This can make it difficult to fully understand what is happening on each of your devices and systems.

An assessment identifies security vulnerabilities and threats that could disrupt daily operations. A network assessment also gives you valuable insight into your network’s overall performance and compliance.

After identifying the issues, Blade works alongside you to improve and maintain your network’s security and performance.


What Does a Network Assessment Help Identify?

Network security assessments help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your IT solution. They can also detect cyberattacks before they occur, saving your company valuable time and money.


Blade’s Network Assessment Process


A Detailed Evaluation & Documentation of Your Technology

Each network assessment from Blade Technologies, Inc. consists of an in-depth analysis of your network’s design and configurations. During the evaluation, our St. Louis IT professionals are also documenting the network’s topology and hardware.

Cybersecurity Testing With Industry-Proven Technology

Do you know how well your system is performing? Blade uses tools to test and report your system’s performance. These network testing tools allow us to identify issues causing slow performance or security problems.


Report & Recommendations

After thoroughly evaluating your network infrastructure, security, and performance, Blade will provide you with a list of recommendations. These recommendations may include internal service or professional services from Blade.

Each network assessment comes with a detailed report of our findings. This lets you fully assess your network performance and see where your problems lie.



Network Assessments for a Hybrid or Remote Workplace

A remote workplace often proves to be more convenient for employees but can make your technology more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

A bring your own device (BYOD) approach opens your network up to even more risks. This is because employee-owned devices typically have lower levels of IT security than company-provided devices.

A comprehensive network assessment allows experienced IT professionals to evaluate your remote workplace’s strengths and weaknesses.

After thoroughly evaluating your technology, Blade will then provide recommendations for improving security and performance.


How Do I Prepare for a Network Security Assessment?

Before your network assessment, take some time to think about these topics:

  • Network stability/outages
  • Industry compliance/regulations
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Business goals
  • How your business uses technology


When is the Best Time for a Network Security Assessment?

A cyberattack or data breach can happen at any time and can even go undetected for days or weeks. Because of this, network security assessments should be regularly performed.

As a best practice, you should be scanning your network at least once a month to patch or remediate identified vulnerabilities.


Get Actionable Insights With a Network Assessment

A network security assessment from Blade Technologies gives you valuable insights into your network’s design and performance. It also allows us to identify which of your network’s processes and infrastructures need improvement.

This lets you know what steps need to be taken by your team and Blade to improve your network’s security.

In addition to security assessments, Blade also provides a range of IT services aimed to improve your business’s technology solutions.



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