Pricing Model:

AWS follows pay per hour pricing model while Azure charges per minute, which makes it more reliable for the users. The Azure pricing model is far better than AWS. Azure is 2-10% cheaper than AWS. Also, users are free to choose from pre-paid billing and monthly billing.

So, if you just consider costing, the main point to choose one from AWS and Azure. Then you should go with Azure as it’s cheaper than AWS. For some, the answer may end here only but if you are one who wants to look into the technical aspects, the scroll down and keep reading.

Security and Compliance:

Being based on the Security Development Lifecycle, Azure builds security at the core level. It makes your data and services more secured on the Azure cloud. With this, Microsoft is considered best in terms of safety and security of data and operations on the Azure cloud.

Compatibility with .Net:

Azure provides better compatibility as compared to AWS. For instance, Azure compatibility with old and new applications built on .Net platform is one of the important reasons to choose Azure over AWS. It is easy for companies to move their Windows apps to Azure compared to AWS.

Hybrid Solutions:

Azure is open to hybrid cloud systems i.e. It offers support for hybrid cloud applications. Thus, it helps organizations to protect their sensitive data and information. Whereas AWS is comparatively less open to the hybrid cloud and incompatible with other private clouds.

Better PaaS Capabilities:

Although AWS also offers PaaS capabilities, Azure PaaS capabilities are stronger than AWS. Azure PaaS offers all the building blocks, tools, and environment to the developers which they need to develop applications. Azure also provides DevOps connections which makes it better.

Ease of Transition:

Most of the organizations use Microsoft Azure to run their on-premise systems. So, these organizations find an easy transition to the cloud system. While AWS forces companies to use its own cloud infrastructure which makes it unpopular to store sensitive information.

Enterprise Agreement Advantage:

If a company uses any of the Microsoft software, it means they already have an Enterprise agreement with the Microsoft. Having enterprise agreement with Microsoft lowers the pricing of Azure, and companies can get startling incentives for using Azure.

Yes, it is very important for companies to choose the right cloud service provider. Azure offers better security, hybrid solutions, and many other beneficial features at a lower price. These advantages make Azure the preferable cloud strategy for the enterprises.

A number of companies have experienced enhanced business growth just by migrating to Azure. Thus, Azure proves itself a better choice for companies than AWS.

Have any questions about the Azure cloud? Just mention in the comment box, I’ll respond to you in no time.

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