Microsoft Azure Benefits

Microsoft Azure allows businesses to store all applications and data files in one place. This allows for easy access and greater flexibility when it comes to storage, organization, and maintenance. With Azure being a Microsoft product, it also allows for a smoother transition and integrates with cloud-based Office products.

Learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Azure and how Blade can help with setup and integration.


Data Security

Azure has built-in multilayered security and intelligent threat protection. You have peace of mind knowing your company's data and other business assets are secure. While Azure monitors these systems internally, Blade also provides monitoring services. Our team ensures all systems are protected, so that minimal threats or weaknesses appear.

Customization For Your Business

The customization options with Azure are almost endless. The platform allows businesses to use their preferred languages, frameworks, and infrastructures. You are truly able to create a cloud platform that works best for you and your business needs and goals. Blade also works with you to ensure customization options are set up in a way that increases productivity and efficiency.

Cost Savings

Azure offers pricing models based on length of service that can provide cost savings to your business. There are also several features within Azure that help with cost-efficiency. Blade helps you use these tools so you can forecast your bills, discover unused or underused resources, set up budgets, and allocate costs.


Implementing Microsoft Azure with Blade

As a Microsoft Azure partner, Blade provides the support needed to fully integrate your business into a cloud-based system. Learn more about our related services and industries currently using Azure. Contact the Blade team today for more information and to get started.


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