Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support for Distribution

When it comes to outsourcing IT support, Blade is the top choice for managed IT services. Our understanding of the St. Louis distribution industry gives us a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of logistics.

Distribution utilizes specific platforms and technology which require advanced security and protection. By outsourcing your IT support, we monitor these systems, identify threats, and keep your network running how it should. Putting IT support in our hands allows you to focus more on your business and improving your bottom line.

IT support provides cybersecurity and strengthens your overall business model. Blade helps improve operational capacity and increases communication across your devices and employees. More efficient delivery management systems are another benefit of managed IT solutions for distribution.


Logistics Technology Platforms

Blade’s team of IT experts have a well-versed and up-to-date grasp on the unique challenges associated with logistics technology platforms. Distribution involves a lot of moving pieces, and oftentimes, a complex technology stack to help move those pieces along.

It's essential for distribution systems to communicate quickly with one another. If a driver's delivery schedule or route changes, automated updates can help prevent disruption or confusion. Real-time information is key for distribution, and Blade can supply and support efficient, automated systems.

Distribution companies are seldom in the same place. The team back at the warehouse needs to be able to update delivery drivers and clients as needed. Blade helps monitor remote systems to ensure there's no lag in communication. Cloud migration and management also improves overall productivity.


Logistics Data Security and Cybersecurity

Blade offers industry leading cybersecurity services for the distribution industry. Our services and solutions prevent operational delays, data breaches, and other cybersecurity threats to your business. We identify vulnerabilities within your logistics platform and design effective solutions to address those vulnerabilities.

Our IT solutions protect vendor information, customer data, payments, account details, and any other sensitive logistics data up and down the supply chain. From risk assessment to disaster recovery to network design, we have a specific solution for your business's needs.

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