Benefits of Outsourcing IT Project Management

An IT project manager (PM) can benefit small businesses as well as companies with over 200 employees. When you outsource to a project management professional, you receive unparalleled expertise. This allows you to focus on more important things, like running your business.

Project management is a cost effective way to manage an IT project to successful completion. If you only need an outsourced PM for a specific project, you can save on your IT staffing costs by only hiring us when you need us. With Blade, you don't need to worry about long-term contracts.

If you're having workload issues, IT hiccups, or have an idea for a project but can't install it, Blade's IT project managers are here to help.


Experts Helping You Implement New Technology Solutions

Implementing new technology can be challenging for businesses without strong IT and project management skills. At Blade, we cover the bases, from discovery all the way through execution. We make it easy to understand how you can use technology to benefit your business.

We start with a discovery phase to understand your business and any current or potential projects. After identifying the purpose of the project for your organization, we develop a plan. Our team members help with project execution, identifying opportunities for improvement along the way.


Partner with Blade for IT Project Management in St. Louis

When you partner with Blade for IT project management outsourcing, you're partnering with experts. You receive a skilled manager to help bring technology solutions to life in your company. Outsourcing can reduce costs and bring unmatched expertise, helping you succeed. Contact the St. Louis Blade team today to get started.

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