IT needs vary from organization to organization. There are countless tools available from vendors, but how do you know if you’re selecting the right one for your business?

Blade offers a variety of trusted tools for St. Louis businesses designed to help with project management and remote access. We can help you determine the right tools for your business to increase productivity and manage your cloud effectively.

The tools your company needs vary dependent on your size, industry, and specific business needs. It is vital to select a trusted platform that will help you create efficiencies and reduce costly downtime.

Blade assists you in selecting the right platform, educating key stakeholders on the benefits and risks of each, and training on how to best use your new IT tools.


IT Vendor Management

When it comes to platform products and tools, your business might need more than one solution to fulfill all your requirements. Integrating multiple platforms can create layers of complexity. It can be difficult to successfully manage IT vendors and navigate the different products they offer.

As an IT vendor, Blade not only offer’s IT support and services, but we can manage platform integration and ongoing maintenance. Our IT vendor management services also include handling all communication and discussing options with the vendors we might recommend. We are experts in the services and providers we recommend. We ensure contracts are up-to-date and all requirements are met.

While Blade might use platforms and vendors to carry out our services, we handle the management and communication ourselves. You can have peace of mind knowing your systems, vendors, and platforms are well-managed and running optimally.


IT Platforms Blade Utilizes

Blade leverages a variety of platforms that have been vetted extensively. These tools are proven to meet or exceed our stringent expectations. These platforms support your business operations with project management, automation, scheduling, and more. No matter the size and scope of your business, industry, or specific needs, there is a platform that can work for you. Learn more about out the solutions we provide.