What is Cloud Computing?

While the “cloud” may seem like a relatively new innovation, it is just the internet repackaged and remarketed. Companies used to store their important data on local hard drives, which typically requires additional equipment and IT personnel to manage.

Today many businesses use the cloud, which is a software or service that runs on the internet. Examples of the cloud in action would be applications such as Netflix, Gmail, and Dropbox. Information uploaded to the cloud is accessible nearly anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud hosting solutions offer your employees the ability to take their work with them, meaning more productivity outside of the workplace. The importance of this feature was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many employers turned to remote workspaces.


Why Should St. Louis Businesses be Using the Cloud?

With the cloud, businesses have the option of remote data storage, internet access, computing power, and more. Cloud computing services typically result in a more secure network system and cost savings.


Reduce IT Expenses

A cloud computing solution from Blade Technologies, Inc. will reduce your IT expenses by replacing your traditional solutions with a cloud environment. This means you’ll have less physical equipment needing maintenance or IT support, which is why the cloud is such a cost-effective solution for storing your data.

High Speed

Stop letting your business’s growth be limited by the speed of your information technology solutions. Cloud services from Blade Technologies, Inc. are always running the latest software and hardware.


Backup & Restore Data

When was the last time you performed a server backup? Will your business’s information be safe and recoverable after a disaster? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you should consider making the cloud a part of your disaster recovery plan.

One of the many benefits of migrating to the cloud is the disaster preparedness it offers its users. Cloud servers perform backup services automatically. When you switch to the cloud, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your business is prepared for a disaster.

Scalable Storage

In the past, business’s IT capabilities were limited by their IT equipment. Getting more storage for your business often meant you’d need to purchase multiple servers or devices. Additionally, these physical servers often require a lot of space and money to perform.

Insufficient storage is a thing of the past with cloud computing. Businesses using cloud computing can easily modify the storage capacity of their cloud solution. This makes the cloud a scalable solution, or one that can shrink or grow with your business.



The importance of mobility in your IT solution was shown during the COVID-19 pandemic. A cloud solution allows your employees to access their work anywhere at any time.


Data stored in the cloud is rarely unavailable, which makes it a reliable option for storing your business’s data.



Increase your security by switching to the cloud. Managed cloud hosting services are always being updated to the latest software. This makes it harder for cybercriminals to hack into your system and resolves any system bugs.

Many businesses utilize private clouds to protect their information. A private cloud allows you to specify who gets access to the cloud solution, such as employees on company-owned machinery or those connected by a virtual desktop. This is commonly seen in larger corporations, as many smaller businesses find it easier to use hybrid cloud services, which combine the benefits of a public cloud solution with the security of a private cloud at a reduced cost.

Information stored in the cloud is also encrypted, adding another level of security to your IT solution.



What Makes Blade Different than Other St. Louis Cloud Providers?

  • IT Vendor Management services
  • We’ll handle your cloud migration from start to finish and communicate with all your service providers
  • Security
  • Award-winning provider
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Strategy behind migration

Blade Technologies, Inc. has served the St. Louis area for over 15 years. Our success in information technology solutions is shown by our high client satisfaction ratings and many industry awards.

Our IT professionals will work with you to determine which cloud solution can meet your business’s needs and aspirations. Once the strategy has been decided, Blade’s team will assist with cloud migration from start to finish.

Blade Technologies’ award-winning service doesn’t end at cloud migration: we also provide IT vendor management services to businesses in and around the St. Louis area.


Choose the Right Cloud Provider in St. Louis

The challenge in utilizing the cloud is comparing various offerings that look similar, promise comparable benefits, and are priced within the same range.

Take the following into consideration when choosing your cloud service provider:

  • Service Cost - How much am I willing to invest to transition to the cloud? Does the provider have a service level within my budget?
  • Security - How can I be sure my information is secure? What does the provider do to amplify cloud security? Is this enough security for my industry’s sensitive information?
  • Reliability - Can you count on the service provider to manage your cloud environment?
  • Compliance - Does the service provider have the necessary certifications and experience to handle your industry’s unique requirements? (HIPAA, etc.)
  • Scalability - Will the solution be able to grow with my business?
  • Support - How are support requests handled? Will I need support outside of normal business hours?


Complete Cloud Solutions in St. Louis

Cloud Assessment

The Cloud is an incredible tool in your IT arsenal, however, there is no “one size fits all” solution. A cloud assessment from Blade allows us to determine what cloud solution works best for your business.

Cloud Migration

“Going to the Cloud” isn't as easy as pushing a few buttons. Monthly costs can escalate quickly if the migration is not properly planned. Let Blade handle your migration to the cloud.

Cloud Management

Cloud computing solutions are not “set it and forget it”; regular inspection, evaluation, and management can make or break a cloud solution. Blade offers managed cloud services, which allows our customers to have a more “hands-off” approach to their cloud solution.



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