What Is Cloud Computing?

While the “cloud” seems like a relatively new innovation, it is really just the plain old Internet repackaged and remarketed. Companies used to store their important data on local hard drives, which typically requires additional equipment and IT personnel to manage. With the cloud businesses have the option of remote data storage, Internet access, computing power, and more. Cloud computing services typically results in a more secure network system and cost savings.


Blade Technologies Cloud Computing Services

The challenge in utilizing the cloud is comparing various offerings that look similar, promise comparable benefits, and are priced within the same range. Blade Technologies is a cloud computing company that has vetted the most frequently used cloud services, such as Office365, Azure, and Amazon, and we are familiar with other smaller offerings including QuickBooks Online and Salesforce.com as well. We offer a variety of cloud computing services and can help you determine which services are appropriate for your business, or if you would be better off implementing a solution on your own network. Learn more about the service packages below.

Cloud Assessment

The Cloud is an incredible tool in your IT arsenal, however there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Cloud Migration

“Going to the Cloud” isn't as easy as pushing a few buttons. If not planned properly monthly costs can escalate quickly.

Cloud Management

Cloud services are not “set it and forget it”; regular inspection, evaluation and management make or break a cloud solution.

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