Medical Cybersecurity

As the healthcare industry becomes more reliant on technology, telehealth, and other virtual settings, the risk of breaches and security issues increase. Data breaches can go unnoticed, and with sensitive patient information, it’s critical to have a plan in place.

Blade helps identify potential risks and create remediation plans for when a breach occurs. Medical cybersecurity requires protection not only for patient information, but also for your IT systems. If a hospital's systems go down, it poses a great threat to the important work going on in the building. Our IT protection services prevent downtime and keep your workflow moving.

Besides planning for breaches and cyber-attacks, day-to-day protection is also essential. Blade provides IT support and strengthens the protection of your emails, passwords, medical devices, cloud management, and more.


HIPAA Privacy Consultants

HIPAA compliance is a critical part of the healthcare industry but can also be difficult. Blade’s St. Louis HIPAA privacy consultants help you navigate the complexities of these regulations.

We conduct HIPAA risk assessments to make sure patient data is secure, safe, and compliant. We also provide training to necessary staff members, so they understand how the information is stored.

Our HIPAA consulting services also include system monitoring, regular maintenance, and project management to ensure systems are running at full efficiency. If systems are running properly, the risk for breaches or attacks decreases.

Our certified staff have extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, and the intricacies of HIPAA data security.


Blade’s Medical IT Consulting Services

Blade is powered by St. Louis IT experts who automate processes, provide managed IT solutions, and medical cybersecurity solutions to the healthcare industry. We focus on your technology so you can focus on running your clinic or practice.

Contact the Blade team to learn more out medical IT consulting services.

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