What Is a Readiness Assessment?

A cloud assessment determines the capability and needs of an organization to migrate IT resources to the cloud. Cloud assessments can reduce costs and save time by preparing a cloud migration plan to ensure a streamlined process.

Blade's cloud assessments include five key steps: consultation, planning, implementation, training, and follow-up.

First, we take into account your current systems, how they're operating, and what's missing. Then, we start designing your cloud based around what we found and what best fits your needs.

The design comes to life once we start planning out the project build and making sure all resources are set up for success. The cloud plan is then implemented with the highest level of skill and tested to make sure everything is working.

After the cloud is in place, we train your team and show the full capabilities of your new technology. We provide documentation, answer questions, and educate customers on the new systems.

Finally, we continue to follow-up after the implementation to make sure systems are still the most agile and elastic as they can be for your business.


Benefits of Blade’s Cloud Onboarding Services

Cloud onboarding services from Blade provide several benefits to your business and technology. Increased protection, added value, and efficiencies are just a few. Learn more about the benefits below.


Determining Value of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Blade begins assessments by evaluating the storage and structure of your current network. We determine if moving to the cloud is the best choice for your business.

In most cases, it's a good move to protect data, reduce investment costs, aid in disaster recovery and improve flexibility. We also conduct cloud security assessments to ensure your new network is secure.

Providing the Best Resources, Tools & Framework

At Blade, we're technology experts, so we only use the most expert resources in cloud assessments and migration. Our professional services experts use the best tools and frameworks when assessing, but also when implementing a cloud solution.

Through detailed plans and education, we then use these resources to ensure your business and team is set up for success.

Aligning Business & Cloud Computing Strategies

Every business is different, and all clouds are built differently. At Blade, we take into account your business' strategies and growth when considering a cloud migration.

It's important to create a cloud solution that meets the unique requirements of your business. Security, storage, and applications are all taken into consideration.


Partner with Blade for Cloud Readiness Assessment Services in St. Louis

When you partner with Blade for cloud assessment services, you're partnering with a team of technology experts. Our team checks the capabilities and needs of your network and create a plan catered to your business.

From cloud computing risk assessments, security, and migration plans, Blade can offer the best cloud services and solutions. Contact the Blade team today to learn more.

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