What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading cloud platform provided by Amazon, a pioneer in the cloud infrastructure industry. As an Amazon Web Services solution provider, Blade serves as your AWS customer service team. Through our solution provider program, we offer mentoring, training, management, and monitoring of system integration.

Having an IT platform is great, but only if it's used properly. Blade is dedicated to ensuring that the platforms we choose help your business succeed. If your employees understand AWS and are happy with the features, then your business will only continue to improve.

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Amazon Web Services operates 69 availability zones within 22 geographic regions around the world. With this wide availability, you can choose the location most ideal for you and your customers. Location features also allow you to create location-based applications to use in your business. User data and employee information remains secure across all functions and uses of your specific business applications.

Automated Multi-Region Backups

Even with cloud services, you must prepare for the chance of country or continent-wide disruptions. Through AMIs and EBS snapshots, AWS makes it easy and affordable to store critical information in multiple geographic locations. By distributing your information across multiple clouds, your data can still be accessed in the event of downtime in a certain area.

Automated Scheduling & Cost Savings

When you or your customers are sleeping, there may be a reduced need for computing resources. With tools like Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) you can predetermine when to scale down resources and save money. With Amazon Web Services, you only pay for the cloud storage and services you use. Computing resources can scale back after hours, so you can save money during the workday.


AWS allows for a high-level fine tuning of the services you use. Customizable tagging can be added to monitor and adjust resource as needed. This allows for better organization, security, automation, and cost tracking. The AWS specialists at Blade work with you to choose the best customization options for your business needs.

Third Party APIs

The high flexibility of AWS is most apparent in the list of programming languages it currently supports. The platform supports Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Objective C (iOS). This wide variety makes AWS very adaptable to multiple operation systems. No matter what your business operates on, AWS is compatible.


Amazon Web Services Security

By utilizing a cloud management platform like AWS, your company’s data is secure and safe. The diversification of Amazon’s data centers and their wide global reach add increased protection to your information.

Although AWS is a very secure platform, Blade continues to monitor services to ensure everything is running how it should be. Our St. Louis-based team offers support for any potential risks, or other improvements they see. New features and capabilities are constantly developed with AWS, and we help make sure your business stays up to date on the latest updates.

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