Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is and has been one of the pioneers in the cloud infrastructure industry. Several key factors may determine that it is a key fit for your business:

Geo-location – AWS operates 69 availability zones within 22 geographic regions around the world, allowing you to choose the ideal location centric to you, your customers, or both.

Automated Multi-Region Backups – Even in the cloud, you have to prepare for the chance of country or continent-wide disruptions. Through AMIs and EBS snapshots, AWS makes it easy and affordable to store critical information in multiple geographic locations. 

Automated Scheduling – When you or your customers are sleeping, there may be a reduced need for computing resources. With tools like Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) you can predetermine when to scale down resources and save money. 

Customization – AWS allows for high-level fine tuning of the services you use, such as using customizable tagging to monitor and adjust resources. This allows for better organization, security, automation and cost tracking.

Third Party APIs – The high flexibility of AWS is most apparent in the list of programming languages it currently supports: Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Objective C (iOS).

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