Data Breach Remediation Services

It's important for organizations to take reasonable steps to prevent security breaches. Having a plan in place secures operations and minimizes your security risks. Blade provides different levels of data security solutions to help your organization develop a comprehensive security program.

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Data Breach Prevention & Protection

The best way to prevent data breaches is to ensure your business has strong protection from data loss or threats. There are several of types of breaches that could occur.

These include issues like password theft, phishing, and viruses. It is impossible to have 100% protection. By taking preventative measures, the threats of these issues minimize.

At Blade, our IT experts take a deep look at your current systems to ensure proper protection levels are set. Prevention includes strong passwords, training employees, data backups, and updated software.

Data Breach Investigation

Blade's cyber-attack investigation services include meticulous audits of your network systems. We identify existing threats that may be causing poor user performance or a delay in operations. These security incidents may start out small but can grow and lead to an eventual data breach.

After investigating vulnerable spots in your network's systems, we develop a customized plan of action for when a breach occurs. Preparing a plan before a cybersecurity breach saves time and money for when the inevitable happens.

Data Breach Remediation & Response

When a data breach occurs, Blade can step in for immediate response and remediation. If a remediation plan is already developed, our IT team works on deploying efforts to contain the breach. If there isn't a plan in place, we create a breach response plan based on the level of severity.

No matter the scope of the breach, we work to find a solution to restore your operations as soon as possible. Our team identifies the cause, the level of damage, and how to repair and protect systems for the future.


Partner with Blade for a Data Breach Remediation Plan

When it comes to data breach prevention, identification, and remediation, you can never be too prepared. Partnering with Blade for data breach remediation services protects your systems and sets your business up for success.

For leading data breach protection, investigation, and solutions in St. Louis, Blade is the top choice. Contact our team today to learn more about our services.

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