What is a Data Breach?

A data breach is when a business’ vital information is stolen, such as proprietary documents, contact information or other personal information. These breaches usually occur without notice or permission, making them difficult to detect.

A business could be targeted for a breach for a variety of reasons. These include monetary gain or information on propriety business strategies.

Data breaches can be caused by malware, phishing, or even weak passwords. These make it easy for any business to become a target.


How a Data Breach Affects Your Business

Many businesses have transitioned to digital or online business solutions, making them more at risk of experiencing a data breach.

A data breach can destroy a business if it goes undetected. Hackers will slowly gain more information about your business and your customers. This can tarnish your brand and even cost thousands in legal fees from law enforcement.

The way you handle a data breach can ultimately make or break your business in the digital era.


The Different Types of Breaches

Many different types of data breaches can occur in your business, ranging from:

  • Malware or Viruses
  • Password theft
  • Phishing

The data breach solution your business receives will be dependent on several factors. This includes the type of data breach, the size of the breach, and the past prevention strategies in place.

Taking preventative measures helps to lower your business’ risk of data breach and reduce the severity of attacks. This saves you time, money, and valuable company resources.


How Do You Know if Your Business is Experiencing a Data Breach

Data breaches can be difficult to detect, especially if you don’t focus on cyber security in your business strategy. Monitor your business for these signs of a data breach:

  • Slow internet speed
  • Strange login activity or patterns
  • Changed passwords or usernames
  • Missing assets, such as money or important business documents

Keeping an eye out for these signs is vital, as data breaches can happen anywhere and at any time. Have your employees know and understand the signs of a data breach so they can recognize any unusual activity.


How to Avoid A Data Breach Incident


Employee Training

Many businesses experience data breaches because of human error. Errors like these make it important to train your employees about the dangers of cyber-attacks. Hackers can write and send emails made to look like they’re from other employees/affected individuals.

At first glance, these emails appear to be harmless but are often requesting personal information such as phone numbers or passwords. Once the email is opened or the link is clicked, the hacker can gain access to critical business information. More than often this results in a data breach.

Keep an Eye on Important Accounts

Frequently audit your important business accounts for suspicious activity, being quick to act or investigate further.

Vigilantly watching your accounts isn’t a viable solution for those with larger businesses. It can be quite extensive and require a large time commitment.


Launch a Full-Service Security Solution

Deploying a full-service IT solution from an experienced company like Blade Technologies, Inc. can reduce your risk of experiencing a potentially damaging data breach. A cyber security company’s response team will work alongside you to determine the best practices for security in your business's IT infrastructure.


Blade’s Expert Breach Remediation Service

Blade provides different levels of data security solutions to help your organization develop a comprehensive security program.

Continue reading to learn more about our information security services and how we can help address your specific data security needs.

Data Breach Investigation

Blade’s cyber-attack investigation services include meticulous audits of your network systems. Our experts identify existing threats that may be causing poor user performance or a delay in operations. Although these security incidents can start small, they can quickly grow into a seemingly unstoppable data breach.

After investigating vulnerable spots in your network’s systems, Blade develops a customized plan of action for when a breach occurs. Preparing a plan before a cybersecurity breach saves time and money for when the inevitable happens.

Data Breach Remediation & Response

When a data breach occurs, Blade can step in for immediate response and remediation. If a remediation plan is already developed, our IT team works on deploying efforts to contain the breach. If there isn't a plan in place, we create a breach response plan based on the severity level.

No matter the size of the breach, Blade will work to find a solution to restore your operations as soon as possible. Our team identifies the cause, the level of damage, and how to repair and protect systems for the future.


Data Breach Prevention & Protection

The best way to prevent data breaches is to ensure your business has strong protection from data loss or threats.

At Blade, our IT experts take a deep look at your current systems to ensure proper protection levels are set.



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