What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications (UC) is an integrated approach to communication that brings critical business tools, from video conferencing and instant messaging to file sharing and scheduling, together in one platform. Instead of switching between multiple platforms, you can save time and money by managing all your critical communications in one place.

This integrated approach gives your business a more efficient and cohesive way of connecting with your internal team and clients. With unified communications, you can centralize multiple channels to enhance collaboration, boost productivity, and create a more consistent and secure communication experience.

Getting started with unified communications is simple. First, Teams Phone or Net2Phone is installed to support VoIP, followed by the implementation of additional collaboration tools such as instant messaging and video conferencing.

Why Should Businesses Implement Unified Communications?

While UC is particularly beneficial for small businesses, offering a cost-effective and scalable way to enhance communication and collaboration, it can streamline operations for companies of all sizes. As your business grows, your communication system can scale alongside it without additional investments.

UC gives your team all the tools they need to stay connected and productive, regardless of their physical location. This connectivity ensures that teams of any size can collaborate effectively on projects, quickly share information, and make faster decisions.


Benefits of Unified Communications


Enhanced Productivity

With Blade Technologies as your dedicated partner, you can implement a streamlined communication system that makes it easier for your team members to collaborate across departments and share information. Employees can work together in real-time and respond to customer needs faster, boosting your business’s overall productivity.


Instead of spending money on multiple platform subscriptions and licensing fees, you can invest in one unified communications interface to streamline operations and reduce software costs. Additionally, UC allows you to eliminate on-premises equipment like desk phones, significantly reducing your office expenses.



Buying individual licenses and software subscriptions can cost time and money as your business grows and you bring on new team members and clients. Unified communications solutions, particularly cloud-based UC options, can simplify your onboarding process and scale alongside your business.

Streamlined Workflows and Collaboration

Connecting various communication tools in one platform allows your team to centralize project management and improve workflow efficiency. UC also ensures that all employees and all departments have access to the same information, helping your teams stay aligned, organized, and efficient.



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