ServicePlus Support Options


Please fill out the information requested via the forms below to the best of your ability. Be aware these are used for estimates only, finalized pricing will only be available after a call with one of our sales representatives.


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ServicePlus Basic

ServicePlus Advanced

ServicePlus Complete


Standard Workstation and Laptop Configurations


***NOTE: After a Storefront order is processed, you will receive an email requesting information necessary for the deployment of your system and user setup (if applicable). This information is necessary for the timely and correct setup of the system and user. Any information missing from the email may result in an increase of the estimate labor time. Deployment cannot occur until all necessary information is collected.


Please review your options below.

Basic Configurations:

Editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents
Viewing and editing PDFs
Basic web browsing
Connecting to terminal servers or VPN
Support for dual monitors

Advanced Configurations:

Audio and video editing
Viewing CAD drawings
Office power users
Support for three monitors

Basic 14 Inch Laptop

Advanced 14 Inch Laptop

Basic 16 Inch Laptop

Advanced 16 Inch Laptop

Accessories Only

Basic Workstation

Advanced Workstation