Solutions For Your IT Challenges On An As-Needed Basis

Often, Blade is engaged by a client to provide assistance that doesn’t fall into the standard “support” bucket. Typically these services are charged on an hourly basis with an up-front estimate. Some of these types of engagements include:

  • Objective advice and recommendations on technology initiatives
  • Specialized support for non-standard software and systems
  • Temporary staffing during an internal project
  • Project scoping and planning
  • Design and implementation of projects.
  • Project management

As we deal with a variety of clients in regards to industries, sizes and technologies, we are able to quickly and effectively “jump in” to a situation and provide the necessary assistance.

Even if you have a full IT staff of your own, Blade is an ideal resource to bring into your environment when you are faced with a new technology to implement.

Consulting Example

One of Blade’s larger clients, with employees numbering in the thousands, had an IT staff roughly the same size as Blade. However, no one internally had experience with Citrix XenApp, and it would have been cost prohibitive to train-up or hire an additional employee. Given Blade’s extensive experience with the product and our standing as a Citrix Silver partner, we were able to step in and complete the project, both cost-effectively and more quickly than someone new to the technology. After implementing, we provided training for a designated resource so they could support XenApp on a daily basis internally, with Blade as an emergency backup.