Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Solutions That Fit Any Sized Business or Budget

While the “cloud” seems like a relatively new innovation, it is really just the plain old Internet repackaged and remarketed. The reason why “cloud” is important to companies today is that it allows access to dynamically allocated resources and services, sometimes at a cost savings and often in a more secure fashion than traditional colocation or internal networks.

The challenge in utilizing the cloud is comparing various offerings that look similar, promise similar benefits, and are priced within the same range. Blade Technologies has vetted the most frequently used cloud services (such as Office365, Azure, and Amazon) and we are familiar with a multitude of smaller offerings including Quickbooks Online and We can help you determine which services are appropriate for your business, or if you would be better off implementing a solution on your own network.

Cloud-Situation Example – Small Business:

When working with small businesses we often get asked what the cloud is and can they use it to improve productivity and accessibility while reducing costs. Our answer is “with the proper solution anything is possible!” Microsoft Office365 is an example of a solution able to achieve both increased productivity and accessibility for many small businesses.

One small business that relies on our expertise used the Office 365 suite along with their onsite infrastructure to build a solution that would allow their users anytime access to remote files and email. This made it possible for their users to not only remain productive when they were in the office but have access to critical files when they were offsite and away from the company’s internal network.

Cloud-Situation Example – Large Business:

Yet another example a cloud solution changing the productivity of a company comes from one of our larger clients. This company had a requirement that its data be both secure and available to multiple locations at all times, but with the caveat that it had to remain on the customers own equipment. We designed a solution that provided the customer a private cloud space in a secure data center. This allowed users who are at multiple locations to see improved performance while bolstering the company’s physical security of its data. An added bonus to this solution was improved tolerance for disaster as the data center is a secure and hardened facility.