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Unsafe Apps Give Access to Sensitive Information – 3/31/2015

You can’t read a book by its cover! The same can be said for smart phone apps. At present, there exist approximately 14,000 unsafe apps, making them a vulnerable portal to sensitive information for both you and your employer.


How Does Net Neutrality Affect You? – 2/27/2015

Yesterday, the FCC approved Net Neutrality regulations. But how does this effect St. Louis and the rest of the nation? Scott Schaffer of Blade Technologies discusses the new regulations.


Exercising Caution in the World of Online Dating – 2/12/2015

Looking for love in cyberspace! Online dating has become very common. One in 10 Americans use dating sites. Some sites are more legit than others, however, and others are filled with creepers and predators.


 iPhone 6 Law Enforcement – 10/2/2014

The iPhone 6 has been out awhile now and we’re learning more and more about it.  And some don’t like what they’re learning about what the phone can and cannot do, especially law enforcement and security agencies.


 Get Help Protecting Your Credit, Debit Pin Codes – 9/24/2014

Home Depot has fallen victim to yet another massive data breach. More than 56 million shoppers had their credit and debit card information stolen by hackers. If you think that you’re safe because you utilize a pin number, please think again.

 Smartphone Security – 9/9/2014

In the wake of the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, it’s probably a good time to look at your own Smartphone security.   Are you doing all you can to keep your info safe?


Instructional Videos

One of the core focuses of Blade’s service delivery is to inform and educate our clients so that IT enables them to be more effective. The videos below provide a variety of information, from how we recommend products are implemented to how to implement technology in your daily life.