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Why is Cybersecurity Training Important?

Aug 4, 2022

Why is Cybersecurity Training Important?

Security breaches and social engineering tactics can trick your employees and compromise your business. How up to date on cybersecurity are your employees? If you're not sure, now is a good time to start thinking about cybersecurity training for your last line of defense.

With a more remote workforce, cybersecurity awareness training is becoming more important and relevant for employees in any industry.

Cyber-attacks can happen in many ways. Employees who are better educated on cybersecurity are better equipped to identify and protect their businesses against cyber-attacks.

Blade Technologies, Inc has been tackling cyberattacks and managing IT services for over 15 years. Learn what your company can do to improve its cyber security training platform and lessen the burden on IT.


What is Cybersecurity Training?

Cyber security training is a strategy used to properly secure your company from cyber-attacks through business-operated technology. These programs help employees understand they are an important role in identifying a cyberattack in the workplace. Security training can help employees become cyber aware while learning how to use technology safely, prevent cyber-attacks, and identify cybercriminals.


Benefits of Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity can be improved by keeping your employees up to date on the latest attacks and vulnerabilities. Aside from providing the IT department with peace of mind, there are numerous benefits to training employees on cybersecurity.


Improve Work From Home Security

Since the pandemic began in 2020, there has been an increase in the number of employees working remotely from home. This can be dangerous for a company if not done properly.

When employees work remotely, they are considered more vulnerable because company-wide information is stored on their personal devices. Teaching your employees about cybersecurity will help them develop the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and prevent cyber-attacks. Even with an advanced cybersecurity plan, cybercriminals will always find a way. Using tools like multi-factor authentication and strong passwords can help prevent cyber-attacks by securing employee information.

Gain Customer Trust

According to CSO Online, 87% of people surveyed said they were less likely to work with a company that has had a data breach. By educating each employee, you’re improving your chances of not having one. Weak security can cause headaches for the company and the customer.

Save Downtime and Cost

According to Alvaka Networks, it can take anywhere from two to four weeks for companies to recover from a cyber-attack. In some cases, it could be several months to get everything back to normal. This is a critical timeline for companies of all sizes.

The cost of recovering from a data breach can also be expensive.


What Makes A Successful Cybersecurity Awareness Program?

Cyber-attacks can happen in various ways. It’s important for your team to be fully aware of phishing attacks before they occur. Providing your employees with a proper cybersecurity awareness training program is essential. Some important topics to touch on in a training program include:


Secure Passwords

It is important for employees to keep information safe with a strong password. Most do not understand the importance of a strong, unique password. This makes it easy for a cybercriminal to access all the information they may be seeking.

Make sure to discuss password security with your staff during security awareness training. Everyone should have a secure password for their devices, company programs, and data logins.

How To Prevent Data Breach & Phishing Attacks

Educating employees on common threats can be crucial to preventing data breaches & phishing attacks from occurring. Data breaches are incidences where a hacker will take information from a company without the knowledge or authorization of the owner. Phishing is when a cybercriminal targets someone through phishing emails, texts, and calls.

These attacks can be very costly. Cybersecurity training for each employee can cost much less.

Touch on this topic to ensure your employees can identify phishing attacks, spot fake activity, and prevent these risks from happening.

Safe Email and Social Media Use

Today, social media and email messaging are used commonly throughout the workplace. Whether it is a personal or company-wide account, these platforms can easily be hacked if not secured. To prevent cyber-attacks, try using a strong password, installing anti-virus software, and using a two-factor authentication tool.

The Importance of Data Security for Your Company

Information security should be a number one priority for any company working with technology. Cybersecurity training can teach employees about the importance of security risks, making them more likely to spot and stop cybercrime.

Keeping information safe should be a topic that every employee understands.


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