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How To Prepare for A Potential Cyber Attack from Russia


Mar 1, 2022

Future Without Passwords

The recent developments of the Russian and Ukrainian war have many Americans wondering how the war will affect them and when. Scott Schaffer, Blade’s Chief Information Security Officer, recently appeared on Fox 2 News to discuss preparing for potential Russian cyberattacks on the United States.

Continue reading to learn more about preparing for a potential Russian cyberattack with the cybersecurity experts at Blade Technologies, Inc.


What’s Happening in Ukraine and How It Affects the United States’ Cybersecurity

The war between Ukraine and Russia continues. Russia is attacking the Eastern Europe country with both physical and cyber-attacks. This is making the war quite difficult for Ukrainian armies to defend against.

Although the Russian and Ukrainian war is not geographically near the United States- it’s still causing damage to our nation. Among those affected are the United States diplomatic relationships and even our economy. In addition, there is a possibility the cyberwarfare tactics being used by Russia could impact other countries - including the United States.

The risk of cyber warfare tactics being used to interfere with American businesses is low. Although the risk is low, monitoring your cyber activity for unusual activity is very important. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommends that all businesses, regardless of size, prepare for potential Russian cyberattacks.


Preparing for a Potential Russian Cyberattack

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently working hard to encourage nationwide preparedness for potential Russian cyberattacks. There are many things you can do to increase your preparedness, continue reading to learn more.


Pay Attention to Account Activity

Suspicious account activity can be a sign your accounts are under siege. Try to keep track of each account’s login activity, keeping an eye out for logins in different cities or countries. If you find any, be sure to change your passwords and report the incident to the service provider to be addressed.

Setup Multi-factor Authentication

Utilizing multi-factor authentication on provides an extra layer of security to each account. There are many types of multi-factor authentication, which can range from biometric scans to text verification codes. When a multi-factor authentication system is activated, it requires secondary authorization to access the account. This prevents hackers from accessing your accounts without access.

Keep Your Operating Systems Updated

As bugs and security holes are detected in your devices’ operating systems, new versions are released through system updates. These updates increase the security of your device, allowing you to stay safe from potential cyberattacks. In addition to added security, these updates can also increase the performance speed of your device.

Create Strong Passwords

Protecting yourself from Russian cyberattacks can be as easy as creating strong passwords for each of your accounts. When choosing a password, Blade recommends:

  • Avoid using common password phrases, such as “password”
  • Create different passwords for each account
  • Store your passwords using a password management system
  • Use a combination of text, numbers, and special characters

Be Mindful of What You Click

Have you ever come across a suspicious email or found a deal almost too good to be true? The links associated in these emails or on the page can often be part of an elaborate phishing scheme. Avoid clicking any links that navigate to an unfamiliar site.

Stay Informed with CISA

CISA serves as the United States’ national cyber defense agency, enabling organizations to prepare, respond, and reduce the impact of cyberattacks. In response to Russia’s current cyberwarfare tactics, CISA has put together a resource to assist organizations with cybersecurity threats. This is resource is known as SHIELDS UP and provides many updates on national security warnings and procedures to keep your business safe.


Always Prepare for the Worst Outcome

No matter the cyber threat, it’s important to plan for the worst outcome possible. This allows you to stay ahead of hackers and potential security risks. This is especially important during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as the cyberattacks could potentially affect American businesses.


Stay Prepared with Blade’s Cyber Security Services

In addition to potential Russian cyberattacks, your business is exposed to many other cyber threats.

Keep your business safe from these potential threats with Blade’s industry-leading cybersecurity services. Those needing activity monitoring can benefit from Blade’s Managed CyberSecurity solutions, allowing you to stay ahead of potential cyber-attacks.

Learn more about our skilled cybersecurity solutions or contact us today.

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