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Hybrid Workplace Cybersecurity: How To Manage Mobile Employees

Aug 4, 2022

Hybrid Workplace Cybersecurity

Employers are starting to consider using a hybrid work environment due to the increase in workplace productivity associated with working from home.

Despite its advantages, a hybrid work environment comes with substantial security risks. A larger attack surface is formed because multiple devices are connected to workplace resources, leaving information vulnerable to a data breach.

Luckily, Blade Technologies, Inc. has strategies that will protect your data from a cyber-attack both at home and in the office. Below are a few tips for creating a secure, hybrid work environment.


Adopt a “Zero Trust” Strategy

Experts advise that companies adopt a "zero trust" approach when it comes to the devices and passwords shared in the workplace.

Along with maintaining basic security measures, employers can have a policy where they minimize the information shared across devices. This is called the "never trust, always verify" strategy. This approach requires remote employees to constantly verify that they are trying to access business resources.

This means employers have to establish identity verification with their employees working onsite and offsite in order to minimize cybersecurity threats. This can also mean limiting the number of devices that may access company resources. This may look like providing work devices for employees, or having employees install security measures on their personal devices.



VPN stands for a virtual private network. A VPN is one of the best tools for ensuring information security for both the office and the living room. A VPN protects information by encrypting the network connection between a computer and the internet. This means that even if an employee is connected to a public wi-fi network, shared data will remain secure.


Use Segmented Networks

Another way to protect remote-work information is by using segmented networks. What this means is the computer network is divided into smaller parts, thereby controlling traffic flow. This can look like choosing to stop all traffic in one segment of the network from transferring to another. This can also look like limiting traffic types flowing to a network, the source traffic is being delivered to, and more.

If a segmented network seems right for your business, you'll want to form a segmentation policy. This can mean you block employees from accessing certain resources when working from home, such as financial information. You can enforce the segmentation of networks in various ways. You can implement internal firewalls, use an Access Control List (ACL), or use a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN).


Patch Systems Often

The most important aspect of cybersecurity protection is to make sure your network servers and systems are updated early and often. Letting important security updates go unnoticed for too long leaves networks vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Halting updates can halt important software processes in turn, leaving weak spots open for data breaches. Working from home makes basic security hygiene practices more important than ever.


Educate Employees

When implementing the security measures necessary for a hybrid work model, you have to educate your employees first. Be sure to meet with all employees to educate them on remote work best practices. This will include security risks they may encounter and general cybersecurity awareness.

A way to raise cybersecurity awareness would be to find examples of spam emails, calls, or password attempts. Use these examples to familiarize employees with cyber threats that they might receive. Regularly remind employees to update their computer software. Schedule routine check-ups with a member of IT to ensure that all systems are still protected.

With these cybersecurity tips, maintaining a hybrid workforce while protecting sensitive data will help with the environmental transition. Just as a hybrid work model benefits the well-being of employees, these pre-emptive security measures will benefit your business.


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