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How To Make Work From Home Better By Upgrading Your Tech


Feb 19, 2021

How To Make Work From Home Better By Upgrading Your Tech

It's been well over a year since many people started working from home. Did you think you'd still be working from a remote setup?

What started as a new concept for many people has now grown into the preferred method of working. A survey from LiveCareer found that almost 30% of people said they would quit their jobs if they couldn't keep working from home in some capacity. With more flexibility in working hours, many people have seen an increased satisfaction in a work life balance.

While some people are beginning to return to the office, many companies are incorporating blended schedules. Some offices might have two or three days of the week with remote workers, and some are ditching the office space entirely.

Blade Technologies in St. Louis believes, depending on the industry, many people are more comfortable and perform better working from a home office. Our very own Scott Shaffer was recently featured on Fox2Now's Tech Talk series to discuss working from home and share some thoughts and tips.


Upgrade Your Web Cam, Microphone and Router

For many people, working from home seemed like something that would only last a few weeks, maybe a few months. Now that remote work is here to stay, having the proper technology is key.

For both employees and stakeholders, upgraded technology helps with working from home in the long run. If your router is more than three years old, an inexpensive replacement helps keep your systems running.

A new web cam and microphone provides quality video calls and improves teleconferences and other virtual meetings. Upgraded technology enhances your work from home setup, reduces downtime, and helps employees stay productive.


Keep Your Camera On!

In the beginning of working from home, many people kept their cameras on during meetings to make up for not being in the office. Now that working from home has lasted so long, many people are switching their cameras off.

Computers and humans aren't wired the same way. While we can't expect employees to be "on" the entirety of the workday, having some video interaction is beneficial. Video makes up for the lack of in-person socialization and allows you to pick up on nonverbal cues like you would in a standard office meeting.

Videos can also help you pay attention more and not be distracted by other work or tasks at hand. Phone calls and emails are still effective methods of communication, but a video can mimic some in-person interaction.

Everybody's home life is different, and some family members could also be working from home or running around in the background. Not every call needs to be on camera but doing it enough can make a difference.


Try To Be More Social With Your Coworkers

It's not a surprise that missing human interaction has been one of the most difficult outcomes of working from home. While there are days where it's nice to have time to yourself, the lack of social interaction can take a toll on employees and the workplace.

Gone are the days of walking down the hall and rounding up coworkers to go to lunch or grab a drink after work. Humans crave interaction, and it's especially important to have breaks throughout the day that aren't focused on work.

Having a designated video meeting or a virtual happy hour gives people time to prepare to have their cameras on and gives some interaction. Also encourage your employees to hop on a call when they have a question instead of using email. These steps can help provide some of the socialization we're all missing.

Starting your day with a simple "Good Morning!" message to a coworker can spark some of those non-work-related conversations that are good for us psychologically.


Understand the Bad Guys Know You’re Working From Home

From a technology standpoint, one of the biggest downfalls of not working in an office is that the bad guys know you aren't. It's easier to fall victim to a cyberattack, like a phishing email, when you're remote.

Even with a remote IT team protecting your systems, security issues can increase when working from home. If you get a strange email, you can't just call out from your desk asking if anybody else received one. Being aware and encouraging your employees to be suspicious of odd messages can help prevent a virtual disaster.

Hackers know your IT team isn't down the hall or sitting right next to you, and it's important to understand and have that awareness.


Get Help With WFH With Blade

Whether your company has become adept to working from home or you're having issues with supporting your employees, Blade in St. Louis can help. Remote work is here to stay, and Blade provides a variety of services to ensure your systems run smoothly.

We can remotely manage systems, provide backups and monitoring solutions. We ensure no servers or devices are taking up too much space and disrupting your network for your employees. Our team also provides remote break fix support, so employees can receive the help they need while at home.

With the proper servers and systems, working from home can be a valuable and preferred method of working. Contact Blade to learn more about our services and get started today.

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