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Desktop Virtualization Benefits

Jun 29, 2022

Desktop Virtualization Benefits

Making changes to something that is already running smoothly doesn’t seem like the easiest of things to do, especially when it comes to the decision to create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

However, did you know that desktop virtualization can stabilize your technology and reduce your company’s costs? These are just two of the many benefits that come with making the switch to a virtual workplace.

Find out how to start the process of creating a centralized management system with Blade Technologies.


What is Desktop Virtualization?

Many of us may be familiar with the term “desktop virtualization”, which is a technology solution that’s been around even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Desktop virtualization means giving users the ability to remotely access workstations or applications without having to bring their work devices with them. This makes working remotely easier than ever, giving your employees the ability to travel or stay at home while sick.


Desktop Disaster Recovery Made Easy

Cybersecurity threats are always imminent when it comes to technology. When experiencing a cyberattack, an understanding of the threat and immediate action are required to avoid business delays.

A VDI can improve your server resiliency, as the system will only have a single physical server. This makes it easier to recover your business’s technology, which reduces the time you spend on data recovery.


VDI is a Cost & Energy Efficient Solution

As technology becomes a larger part of everyday business, it’s safe to assume that your IT expenses will also increase. This makes it important to find ways to save money without having to sacrifice your business’s IT strategy.

After making the switch to a virtual desktop environment, you may begin to experience savings in more than one way.

Here are just a few ways businesses can cut costs with a desktop virtualization solution:

  • Saving costs by switching to a single-server system
  • Spending less time on power or other building facilities
  • Reducing the time spent on everyday IT issues
  • Improving employee time management


Choose What Desktop Environment Works for Your Business

Need to have both virtual and in-person technology available for your business? A virtualization solution can easily accomplish both goals. The virtual workspace can be accessed from any connected laptops and desktop computers.


VDI: Your Key to Smooth System Upgrades

A business that’s running smoothly is also a business that is keeping up with its competitors. If you find your business struggling with your current technology solution, you may benefit from making the switch to a virtualized desktop.

Virtualization can cut the time of new rollouts and upgrades exponentially, especially for those that have multiple servers. Once making the switch to a virtual desktop solution, the only thing necessary to complete upgrades is the virtualization software.


Increased Security with a Virtualized Desktop

A virtual solution increases the security of your business’s data by storing all of it within your network infrastructure. This eliminates the possibility of your data existing in more than one place, keeping your data safe from internal and external security threats.


Learn More about VDI from Blade Technologies

There can be a lot of information that comes with desktop virtualization, which can seem intimidating to many businesses. The professionals of Blade Technologies, Inc. are here to help explain the benefits of virtualizing your network infrastructure.

Learn more about how Blade Technologies, Inc. can help you grow your business by talking to one of our IT professionals today.

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