Services Include
Basic Multifactor Authentication
  • Provide secure access to documents and communication methods such as email with two factors of identification.
Web Content Filtering
  • Ensure end users are protected from spyware, malware and other critical cyber vulnerabilities while giving them freedom to browse the web.
Basic Security Incident Monitoring
  • Protect your network from unauthorized attempts to access company data no matter where the attempt originates. 
End User Training
  • Give your end users the education they need to fight back against social engineering and other types of malicious activity.
Advanced Email Protection
  • Next Level Anti-Spam
  • Cloud Email Archive
  • Cloud Email and Online Storage Backup
  • Local and Cloud Backup for Servers
  • Increased Protection against Phishing Attempts
  • Real Time Policy Modification to Block Known Assailants
Next Generation Antivirus
  • Increase your security at each endpoint with an antivirus capable of stopping known and unknown treats before they become a problem.
EndPoint Hardening
  • Allow your users the freedom to remove and install programs without risking your securty. Give them access when they need it and when we say it is safe.

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