Why Do Small Businesses Need CyberSecurity?

Small businesses need to protect their companies and customers from cyberattacks. The theft of digital information is the most common type of fraud reported, and the size of the company doesn’t matter. Cybersecurity empowers small businesses to take preemptive actions to prevent brand or reputation damage and protects the privacy of clients and employees.

Blade’s CyberSecurity Basic Services

Blade’s highly-skilled, certified IT professionals offer several services within the CyberSecurity Basic plan designed to help companies protect and secure their data. Learn more about Blade’s small business cybersecurity services below.

CyberSecurity Basic Services Includes:
Advanced Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication is an essential component of data security. Blade provides the option for secure access to documents and communication methods such as email with two factors of identification.

Web Content Filtering

With CyberSecurity Advanced, Blade ensures end users are protected from spyware, malware and other critical cyber vulnerabilities, while still giving them freedom to browse the web safely to carry out their business.

Basic Security Incident Monitoring

Blade protects your network from unauthorized attempts to access company data. No matter where the attempt originates, Blade will monitor and alert of any unusual activity.

End User Training

Blade gives your end users the education they need to fight back against social engineering and other types of malicious activity. Blade’s IT experts train you and your employees on advanced cybersecurity best practices, ensuring everybody in your organization is educated and empowered.

Advanced Email Protection

With advanced email protection, Blade provides security services such as next level anti-spam, cloud email archive and storage backup, and server backups, along with increased protection against phishing attempts and real time policy modifications to block know assailants.

EndPoint Hardening

CyberSecurity Advanced allows your users the freedom to remove and install programs without risking your company’s security. Blade can give employees access when it’s needed and when it’s safe.

Partner with Blade for Your Small Business CyberSecurity Needs in St. Louis

When it comes to small businesses, there’s a lot to juggle and manage. With Blade’s CyberSecurity Basic plan, you can focus on your business while Blade handles your technology. Blade’s IT professionals prioritize your small business cybersecurity needs, helping navigate the complexities of cybersecurity and proactively removing threats to businesses, customers, and data. Contact Blade in St. Louis today to learn more about our plans and find the best cybersecurity solution for your small business.

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