Why Do I Need Enterprise Level CyberSecurity?

An enterprise cybersecurity strategy is more complex than basic cybersecurity, extending services to protect the ever evolving and growing IT infrastructure systems of businesses such as cloud servers and wireless devices. Enterprise cybersecurity means having a complex solution and a preventative strategy designed to secure your data and defend against the escalating threats of modern cyber-attacks and other risks to IT systems.

Blade’s CyberSecurity Plus Services

As an enterprise cybersecurity company, Blade Technologies offers a wide selection of services and solutions, effectively monitoring and preventing enterprise cybersecurity threats from interfering with your business. Learn more about our services below.

CyberSecurity Plus Services Includes:
Advanced Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication is an essential component of data security. Blade provides the option for secure access to documents and communication methods such as email with two factors of identification.

Web Content Filtering

With CyberSecurity Advanced, Blade ensures end users are protected from spyware, malware and other critical cyber vulnerabilities, while still giving them freedom to browse the web safely to carry out their business.

Advanced Security Incident Monitoring

Blade protects your network from unauthorized attempts to access company data. No matter where the attempt originates, Blade will monitor and alert you of any unusual activity before it becomes an issue.

End User Training

Blade gives your end users the education they need to fight back against social engineering and other types of malicious activity. Blade’s IT experts train you and your employees on advanced cybersecurity best practices, ensuring everybody in your organization is educated and empowered.

Advanced Email Protection

With advanced email protection, Blade provides security services such as next level anti-spam, cloud email archive and storage backup, and server backups, along with increased protection against phishing attempts and real time policy modifications to block know assailants.

EndPoint Hardening

CyberSecurity Advanced allows your users the freedom to remove and install programs without risking your company’s security. Blade can give employees access when it’s needed and when it’s safe.

Dark Web Monitoring

With constant monitoring, Blade alerts you when stolen credentials or information that could compromise your network appear on the dark web. This feature is essential for businesses with high-risk information, providing an additional level of security.

Mobile Device Management

Blade always keeps your company's mobile devices secure and under control to ensure the security of sensitive business data. With the business world becoming more mobile and remote, Blade ensures all data is protected, even when not in the office.


With advanced encryption tools, Blade increases the level of security on laptops, workstations, and servers by encrypting the data stored on those devices. Even in the event of a device falling into the wrong hands, your data is secure.

Persistent Threat Monitoring

With Blade’s continuous network monitoring services, you will be notified of any anonymous or unusual behavior on your network. If someone does get in, this service is the only way you will know.

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