Blade Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2004 by a collaborative group of professionals who had worked together in various entities for many years. Sharing a common goal of providing enterprise-class consulting to small businesses, Blade quickly became the local industry leader. Averaging 12% growth year after year, Blade Technologies continues to provide strategic technology sales, support, and consulting to businesses and organizations in the St. Louis, MO region.

In 2011, Blade acquired Network Data Solutions, founded by Marty OBlack in 1996 after a career with Digital Equipment Corporation (now part of HP.) Marty recognized that needs of smaller customers were often underserved. Unless clients had large projects or budgets, it was difficult for them to get information technology assistance. Believing he could provide these services for smaller firms at reasonable costs, Marty began operating Network Data Corporation in Chesterfield, MO in 1996. Marty remains at Blade as a shareholder and Senior V.P. of Client Services.

In 2014, Blade acquired UltraTech Resources. UTR was formed from the internal support staff of SyllogisTeks to fulfill ongoing efforts of providing better internal support for SyllogisTeks and managing client relationships. In 2008 UltraTech Resources began a Managed Services practice providing clients the option of remote support and management coupled with added services of desktop updates, managed anti-virus and other services which could be delivered remotely.