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Can You Really Afford Not to Have a Backup Plan?

According to Symantec SMB, 50% of SMBs admit to having no backup and disaster recovery plan in place. 41% of those surveyed confessed that they had never even given much thought to implementing a disaster recovery or business continuity plan. If you are one of them, then you really need to think about whether you

Jon Allen

10 Tips for a Strong, Secure Password

Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer. The stronger your password, the more protected your computer will be from hackers and malicious software. You should make sure you have strong passwords for all accounts on your computer. If you’re using a corporate network, your network administrator might require you

Scott Schaffer

10 Reasons to Fire Your IT Guy

You’re focused on running your business – how can you know when your support just isn’t measuring up? 10 Reasons to Fire Your IT Guy

Scott Schaffer

Best Practice – 7 Layers of Cyber Security

As IT professionals we all learn that everything begins at the bottom, with the physical level. Likewise, when it comes to IT security, physical security is the foundation for our overall strategy. Some organizations, distracted by the more sophisticated features and security products, may overlook the importance of ensuring that the network and its components have been

Scott Schaffer

The Five Most Glaring Holes in Small Business IT Security

As an IT service provider to small and medium-sized business, we continue to see a few common problems among new customers. The following five issues keep many businesses from achieving their full potential: -Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) -Adherence to Security Protocols -Outdated Equipment -Unsecured Mobile Devices -Lack of IT Security   The Five most

Scott Schaffer

Understanding Security in Office 365

The core of the O365 security approach is: Built in security Privacy by design Continuous compliance Transparent operations To understand more about Microsoft Office 365 please read the following white paper from Microsoft: Security in Office 365 Whitepaper

Scott Schaffer

Cool Keyboard Options

“Qwerty” is not a word. But you won’t find many who don’t know how those six letters go together. They’ve been the first six letters on keyboards since the 1870s. However, should technology developed more than a century ago still apply to the time of touch screens?

Sean Patterson

Are Apps Gathering Your Data?

Is that app you downloaded on your smart phone gathering data about your kids? The vast majority of apps aimed at kids offer no privacy information. And the FTC aims to change that. In the meantime, Scott Schaffer with Blade Technologies shows us what to look for.

Sean Patterson

Office 365 Features Demonstration

One of the core focuses of Blade’s service delivery is to inform and educate our clients so that IT enables them to be more effective. These videos provide a variety of information, from how we recommend products are implemented to how to implement technology in your daily life like our Office 365 features demonstration video.

Sean Patterson