Cyber Liability Monitoring

UnLockedCyber Liability Monitoring allows your company to locate, view, and report on sensitive data across networks, mobile devices, and workstations. With regularly scheduled reports you are able to view and correct inappropriate access to sensitive data and resources. This in-formation allows you to mitigate vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach.

Blade Technologies’ Cyber Security Monitoring makes cyber liability tangible by assigning real dollars to your sensitive data. This is achieved by taking an industry average cost per record lost found in the research reports from Ponemon, Verizon, and NetDilligence. The reports we provide help you decide how best to protect your sensitive data, mitigate breach potential, and triage the most important problems.

The Cyber Liability Monitoring reports show multiple types of sensitive data. Examples of the types of data included in the reports are ACH transaction logs, Social Security Numbers, Driver’s License Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Patient Identification Numbers, Medical Record ID’s, Even Microsoft Key Codes. After this data has been collected an on demand compliancy report for PCI and HIPPA/HiTech can be produced in minutes.